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Cracking JEE Main 2019 is not every one’s cup of tea. And we have only 3 months left for jee main 2019. With the approaching examination season and still didn’t start your preparation or started it but only able to cover a small portion of your syllabus. Along with it the changing guidelines regarding the conducting of JEE Main 2019 doubly a year, as you all are aware of it that from 2019 NTA will going to conduct exam twice a year in January and April on multiples dates.

There may well be a panic on the way to schedule your preparation. Making ready a schedule for JEE Main January and April 2019 can ease the stress and supply a direction to your preparation. Segregating the topics subject wise and class wise and making ready a timetable for JEE Main 2019 can make sure that each topic is covered and nothing is left for the last moment. All engineering aspirants ought to begin operating laborious day and night to attain their goal to crack JEE Main. Read the complete article to travel through the timetable for JEE Main January and April 2019 and direct your preparation towards a swish journey of cracking the examination.

NTA schedule 2019

JEE main I (January 2019)

Application form- 1 to 30 September
Admit card – 17 December
Test- 6 to 20 January 2019
Result- 31st January 

JEE main II (April 2019)

Application form- Feb 8 to March 7
Admit card – 18 March
Test- 6 to 20 April
Result- 30 April

Common rank lists for both exams- May second week, 2019

Score Good in JEE Main 2019 Within 3 Months | Time Table NTA 2019

JEE Main 2019 course of study at  a glance:

Mathematics total Chapter: sixteen
Chemistry total chapters: twenty-six
Physics total Chapters: twenty-one

So it is a very tough task to cover the whole chapters or topics in 4 months if you are giving an exam in JEE Main January 2019. It is quite possible to complete the syllabus before April Exam 2019 and that too for droppers. But if you are the class 12th student, then you have to do smart work because you have to give Board Examination along with Practicals Exam so it will consume your whole 1 to 1.5 months from Feb to March.

So dropper guys, if you want to complete this syllabus before an exam and to do well in Exam start studying from right now and don’t waste a single time searching on Google or Youtube, how to score 200+ in JEE Main in 1/2/3 months.

With the essence of making the move more effective, you should keep following things in your mind:-

1. Create your own unique timetable. As someone made timetable can’t fit your own mindset, so you have to reflect your own comfort towards making a timetable. It will make you some more energetic to achieve something.

2. Smart work strategy. As you have to be aware of the syllabus, how much time to spend on study for IIT, class 12th weightage is about 55-60% each year so you have to plan in a way.

3. Keep alternating between subjects. To grab up the foremost, it’s recommended to provide your mind with a breather and move topic wise between the 3 subjects. This can additionally permit a focused approach forwards. You’ll be able to opt for topics with wisdom upon understanding the past paper patterns.

4. Time to Sleep. Sleep is very necessary as it helpful for your mind to grab all that you studied and mind rest is necessary. give at least 8 hours to sleep. You can opt for 6 hours at night and 2 hours in the daytime.

5. Exercise. This one is also very necessary things to practice inspite of you running out of time. Just give20-30 minutes in the morning time. It is more than the sufficient.

6. Friends/Family. They play the crucial role in our life so we should give time to family too and chill out for sometime in the evening with friends brings the healthy mindset of yours.

Some students ask for what is the timetable do Toppers follow? Listen guys toppers and you are getting the equal time that is 24 hours, they also planned their preparation and timetable and you too but what makes difference is that they implement it regularly but you neglect it.

Important Topics to Cover

Here I am providing you with the important chapters you should do it before an examination. Although JEE Main Exam is unpredictable, but these chapters are the backbone of this competitions. 

JEE main 2019 Physics
Modern Physics
Current Electricity
Heat and Thermodynamics
Work, Power, Energy
Apart from them, if you are getting some more time then you can also go with these chapters

EMI and AC, Laws of motion, unit and dimension, SHM

JEE Main 2019 Maths

Integral Calculus
Coordinate Geometry
Differential Equations
Limit, continuity, Differentiability
Matrix and Determinants
Sequance and series
Complex and quadratic equations

Apart from them, if you are getting some more time then you can also go with these chapters

statics and probability, 3D geometry, Vector

JEE Main 2019 Chemistry

Physical– Solutions, Chemical thermodynamics, Redox and electrochemistry, some basic concept of chemistry, Equilibrium 

Inorganic- Chemical bonding, Co-Ordination Compounds, S-block, P-block

Organic- Biomolecules, Halogens, Nitrogen, Basic principle of organic chemistry

Apart from them, if you are getting some more time then you can also go with these chapters

Polymers, purification of organic compounds, metallurgy, chemical kinetics

Recommended books for JEE main 2019 exam

Here are the subject wise books that are recommended for jee main preparation:

1. Physics: NCERT class 11th and 12th, Hc Verma Vol-1 and Vol-2, Fundamental of Physics by Halliday, Resnik and walker
2. Chemistry: NCERT is more than the sufficient
3. Maths: For basics, NCERT class 11th-12th, RD Sharma

    NOTE: Please buy the previous 15 years solved papers for better result and to analyse each topic and chapter.

    Follow the Below plan to make sure correct Implementation of your Plans:

    While looking here and there for the readymade timetable, detain mind that every second of this stage is critical to get a good rank and a good college.

    Assuming that you get free from schools and coaching by 5 pm, take 1:30 hours rest.

    Revise what you studied (6:30 – 8:00 PM)

    Break for 15 minutes

    Study any subject (8:15 – 9:30 PM)

    Dinner (9:30 – 9:45 PM)

    Study Another subject (9:45-11:00 PM)

    Sleep (11:00 PM – 5:00 AM )

    Study chemistry(5:00 -6:45 AM ) as it consists of mugging, remembering and fresh morning with fresh minds will quite active to grab more.

    You could follow this timetable or make your own to have a healthy and fruitful journey until your JEE mains and thereupon.

    Make your own week wise 3 months plan to cover the recommended syllabus on time like if you want to cover first chemistry as it’s your strong subject go for it and try to cover the chapters what you targeted on time and then shift on other and so on. Or you can do one thing is take 1 chapter of each subject and cover it in a week. A basic requirement is that you have to punctual.

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    Remember: Rely more on self-studies rather than dependent on coaching only. And don’t fix your target like, I will score 200 because it will reduce your capabilities to score more than that. Just give your 100% and if you are targeting then target 360.
    “If You Can dream it you can do it” A well said by someone. Just think of success by doing smart work according to that and achieve it. If you have any doubt, comment below I will always there to help you. And do share this post to pay my hard effort in writing this post.

    All The Best For Your examinations

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