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Best Books For Startup Entrepreneurs 2019

Best Books For Startup Entrepreneurs 2019

Books For startup entrepreneurs: It is very much true that as a startup founder, you will not get time to read books. But it is not hidden that- more you read the books more you will learn. So you should never stop learning.

The basic advantage we get after reading books is that we collect the information and experience the others had gone through and try to implement in our life if we are lagging somewhere.

And let me tell you that, all these startup books mentioned below are written by successful startup founders and entrepreneurs only.

So, you will love connecting your entrepreneurship path and struggles with what they had gone through already. And for obvious reason it can be the great source of motivation for you all too.

That is why I am providing you with the best startup books of 2019 to read. As mentioned above, these books are often written or recommended by successful entrepreneurs. And on the other hand, their guidance will definitely lead your startup to success.

Our Picks For Best Startup Books of 2019

To make sure that your  reading list is awesome, our picks for books for startup entrepreneurs is listed below.

1. Explosive Growth

Author: Cliff Lerner


Quickly becoming one of the most recommended startup books for entrepreneurs, Explosive Growth stands out from the crowd due to its compelling content detailing the highs and lows of creating the first online dating app that grew to 100 million users.

Explosive Growth is for entrepreneurs and startup founders who want to know what it’s really like to run a startup, while learning invaluable strategies to grow massively while avoiding painful mistakes.  This is why Explosive Growth is one of the best books for startup entrepreneurs.

Cliff Lerner’s through this book tried to share the best growth tips with the readers in a best way making this as a best startup books for beginners as well entrepreneurs.

2. Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life

Author: Nir Eyal

books for startup entrepreneurs


Nir Eyal is an investor, blogger and the best selling author of Hooked and recently released book indistractable which is getting lots of applause over social media networks.

Indistractable book stands apart from the crowd because of its theme which is based on distractions, we are going through obviously in our daily life.

However, in the era of increasing demands on our attention, how do we get the best from modern technology without letting technology rule over us?

This book will help you and solve the mysterious questions of how you can stay focused on your work, how you can control your attention and choose your life? This book is among the must-read books for startup entrepreneurs. BUY NOW

3. The 4-Hour Workweek

Author: Timothy Ferriss

Best Books For Startup Entrepreneurs 2019


This book is written by Tim Ferriss who is an American writer, educational activist, and entrepreneur. Moreover, this book has been there in the list of NYT bestseller books for more than 4 years.

He wrote this book out of frustration and also Tim’s documentation on how he managed to get rid out of his own company, in search of doing what he loves, learn and travel etc.

The lessons we can get through this book is that, be effective instead of efficient means to say that work on 20% of things to get 80% result. Approve the majority of your business ideas.

Further, if these ideas get validated then charge a premium amount for selling or providing services. Among the best books for startup Entrepreneurs to read in 2019.

4. Creativity, Inc.

Author: Ed Catmull with Amy Wallace

startup books


This book is based on the 30-year experience of Ed Catmull, the president of PIXAR. In short a guidance manual for instilling motivation into workers, representatives, managers, and bosses by revealing the forces came into the way of life of the author over 30 years.

A book is named the best book by Inc., Financial Times, Success etc. Moreover, give you knowledge into the stuff to ceaselessly think outside the box to perseveringly make stunning things.

Variety of lessons we can gather from this book likewise, a good team is better than a good idea. Secondly failures responsibility should be taken by all members, and the motivation for team members to create their own workspace.

5. The Lean Startup

Author: Eric Ries


The author of this book described his lean startup strategies for the startup’s companies. Moreover, This book offers entrepreneurs, a genuine way to deal with building a business by utilizing approval, finding a beneficial plan of the model to run the business.

The lessons emphasized by this book are, find the best business model by validating the idea. secondly, approach the products in split testing and Never at any point enjoy vanity measurements.

You will not get these points easily but I urge you to read this book once again. That is why highly recommended books for startup entrepreneurs.


Author: Peter Thiel with Blake Masters

startup books for entrepreneurs


The author co-founded PayPal and Palantir, and made the outside investment in Facebook and funded many companies like SpaceX and linkedIn. Inside this book, you will be going to find Thiel’s theory and technique for making the startups success.

In short, this book will show you the way Peter Thiel considers and approach the business, how to build the future of startups etc.

The lessons you can learn from this book is that provide services or products which no one can provide is basically a monopoly which is good for both business and society and there is need of a vision for the founders.

7.The $100 StartUp

Author: Chris Guillebeau

Best Books For Startup Entrepreneurs 2019


This book, $100 Startup demonstrates to you generally accepted methods to break the rope of 9 to 5 job by joining your energy and abilities into your own startups, which you can begin for $100 or less, yet still transform into a full time salary, because of the popularity or use of the web.

This book is really helpful for around 18-year-old students who are in college having hunger of starting at an early stage.

Variety of lessons we can learn from this book like, apart from passion we need some skills and customers too, focus on low budget startups which on turn provide profit by converting passion into a business, and action betas planning. That’s why among best-recommended books for startup entrepreneurs.

8. The Innovator’s Dilemma

Author: Clayton Christensen

Best Books For Startup Entrepreneurs 2019


Perhaps one of the best books for startup entrepreneurs, The Innovator’s Dilemma by Clayton Christensen. As per mentioned in Steve Jobs autobiography.

This is the book which deeply influenced him leads to build a most valuable company in the world by recognizing and solving the dilemma as described in The Innovator’s Dilemma.

The lessons we can gain from this book are, there are two sorts of technologies: disruptive and sustaining, if any company resources, products, services do not match with the market – no one can save it and the last one is a leader can solve the innovations dilemma by introducing subsidiaries to remain in the market.

9. Checklist Manifesto

Author: Atul Gawande

Best Books For Startup Entrepreneurs 2019


Among the New York Times best-selling book. This book provides us with information like checklists are just guide which required for success, it provide us with the baseline of performance and even protect us from getting failures.

Atul Gawande recommends that, in our complex world even specialists require checklists and these can endlessly enhance results.

This book is important for its declarations but at the same time is perfectly composed and offers some fun episodes.

10. The Fire Starter Sessions

Author: Danielle LaPorte


Danielle LaPorte is a woman and met with failures, success and experienced ups and downs. And wrote this book which gives the deep dive into the soul through 16 her beautiful sessions.

Every one of us is attempting to experience our fullest lives yet some of the time we are not being consistent with our actual character what we are. Fire Starter Sessions book pushes you to investigate yourself and to find the reason for your happiness.

This book is for those people if you are questioning the carrier path you have chosen. what according to you is the real success? and need assurance for the path you have chosen. In short, you all will find this book really helpful.

11.The Execution Factor

Author: Kim Perell

Best Books For Startup Entrepreneurs 2019


Kim Parell in this book shows her wisdom and shares her personal journey and execution strategies for achieving success. She was in news for her transformative story from startup entrepreneur to internationally renowned CEO, creator and investor.

She believes that to become successful in life one does not need an advanced degree and High IQ. Most importantly you need to have the ability to execute is the key difference between success and failure.

The Execution Factor is for anyone who is looking to transform themselves from “dreamer” to “achiever”. Parell teacher her 5 unique traits of execution which can be taken as a blueprint for business success. By mastering execution will change your life.

12. EntreLeadership

Author: Dave Ramsey


From the New York Times, best selling author comes with a secret to how he builds the multimillion company from his living room, you will get it by reading among the best books for startup entrepreneurs. 

Any company as strong as their leaders are strong, so even leaders need guidance. And suppose if you feel trapped in an endless cycle with no legitimate direction for the employees in your company.

At that point, the EntreLeadership is the ideal book for you. Dave Ramsey wrote this book to show you how you can inspire and unify your teammates, handle money and achieve the goal etc.

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  • The author spent the majority of his life studying successful people around the globe and share with us 13 habits of wealthy and business persons. BUY ON AMAZON
  • Good to Great: Author – Jim Collins. Basically, his book provides us with information about how some companies got the success and others fails in spite of both worked really hard.
  • He collected data of companies which performed over the years and wrote this book. BUY ON AMAZON
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad: Author – Robert Kiyosaki. This book demonstrates to you the proper methodologies.
  • That is to begin an adventure to wealth by showing the correct mindset, business accounting and startups building techniques from very much early stage or from the time you don’t even know “F” of finance. BUY ON AMAZON

Finding Books For Startup Entrepreneurs

I hope you enjoyed reading this article regarding books for startup entrepreneurs in 2019. Startup craze nowadays really booming in almost every country so there is a need to have sufficient knowledge before starting something.

So, reading best startup books is the next big thing. If you have any suggestions related to books mentioned, you can let us know through a comment.

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