Best Qualities Of Every Successful Entrepreneur

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I am writing my 5th guest post today. I may write 2 more. Why?

I understood the secret to being a successful entrepreneur a while back. Top earners put this secret into practice daily. Mark Zuckerberg put this secret into practice; he lived the quality for many years.

What is the best quality of every successful entrepreneur? If i ask you this question, what will be your answer? Do let me know your answer in the comment below. 

But According to me: Being generous is among the Best Qualities of Entrepreneur.

Be Generous

Work for free, for a while.

Improve your skills.

Gain massive exposure.

Get seriously paid.

Mark Zuckerberg wanted to connect the world when he created Facebook. After his site became wildly popular in select colleges across the USA he gradually rolled it out to an even bigger audience. Facebook took off. He still did not earn a dime from the site, generously working 14 hour days and longer to create something special that would link the world.

When venture capitalists offered to fund Facebook he turned them down. He would have made tens of millions of dollars but also would have needed to cede complete control of FB.

He stood firm, still not making coin, generously working, allowing Facebook to go even more viral.

When he did profit, wow did he profit handsomely. Facebook has 2 billion users and Mark Zuckerberg is worth $70 billion and may be the most powerful person in the world. I mean, 2/7th of the world’s population belongs to his site!

The power of generosity wins again.

Work For Free

Improve your business skills. Increase your business exposure. Get paid. Eventually, you will get paid large sums of money as a successful, generous, fun-loving entrepreneur. Every highly successful entrepreneur works for free to become skilled, to gain exposure and to position themselves to render great service to humanity. It is among the Best Qualities of Entrepreneur. Naturally, these people become highly successful, wealthy entrepreneurs in the process.

Nobody pays me directly for the 5 guest posts I wrote and submitted today. But my generosity and detachment helps increase my exposure and skills in a major league way, expanding my reach like nobody’s business and…..growing my blogging business.

The more people see my eBooks through all the blog posts and guest posts I write, the more people buy my eBooks. More sponsored posts flow to me too. I drive traffic, make money and grow my business because I embody the #1 quality of all successful entrepreneurs: being generous.

Help people for free. Be detached from outcomes. Humble yourself.

Leave Employee Mode Behind

Most entrepreneurs are former employees.

We need to let go the employee mode aka mindset of: “I will only work if I get a paycheck for my work!” because entrepreneurs live a different reality. Entrepreneurs are not salaried employees. Entrepreneurs are creators. We are builders. We work for free to create a business that renders great service to humanity, including employing people who work for our business venture.

As entrepreneurs build up big ventures through scaling, many make little or no money during the early days because they have no genuine exposure and little skills. Being generous is the foundation of your entrepreneurial success because during lean times you will need to spend thousands of hours generously working for free to increase your exposure and to improve your skills. 


So here we discussed about the Best Qualities of Entrepreneur. Nobody knows you or your business as a newbie so go write 50 guest posts. Comment genuinely on 100 blogs in your niche. Write and publish 50 guest posts. Relax, and work. Have fun, and be seen.

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