10 Cybersecurity Books For Business Owners To Read

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If you are looking for Cybersecurity Books For Business Owners, then you are in right place. Here we have the best list for you.

Cybersecurity is the act of protecting systems, databases, servers, electronic devices, and data from harmful threats known as cyberattacks – which arise in the forms of malware, phishing, SQL injection, and DNS tunnelling, among many others.

There are 5 major types of cybersecurity: Application security, Network security, Cloud security, IoT (Internet of things) security, and Critical Infrastructure security.

Cyberattacks: The Numbers

Almost 8% of businesses do not make it past the first ten years of their existence, due to a couple of challenges encountered, challenges which may arise in the form of improper planning, loss of originality of ideas, lack of investments, or even cyberattacks.

As written in “Economic Impact of Cybercrime – No Slowing Down”, in 2017 alone, businesses worldwide recorded losses in the region of $600 billion due to the activities of cybercriminals.

Bigger establishments would have the financial capacity and customer loyalty to survive hits gotten from cyberattacks, but it would not be as easy for startup businesses to sustain damage in said regard.

Startups fail for several reasons, the most prominent being cyberattacks.

The threat that cybercriminals pose to startup firms is very real, and it is imperative for all entrepreneurs looking to start a business to have good knowledge of cybersecurity.

Cyberattacks towards startups usually occur for two main reasons: ransomware, or stealing an original idea and selling to a bigger company.

Best Cybersecurity Books For Business Owners to Get Started

The following are some of the best books for any entrepreneur to read to garner more knowledge of cybersecurity.

Hacking –  The Art of Exploitation (vol. 2)

written by Jon Erickson

The book covers everything you need to know as a new business owner with regards to coding, present hacking methods, how to spot bugs in your system’s programming system and how to run a basic debugging program.

The details in the book are simplified in a way that a layman can grasp its information.

This is among the best Cybersecurity Books For Business Owners.

Cybersecurity Books For Business Owners

The Art of Invisibility

This teaches people how to safeguard themselves and business information with everything going technological.

It was written by the most famous hacker in the world – Kevin Mitnick and itemizes safety precautions to take from popular access points of cybercriminals, like public WiFi.

art of invisibilty

The Code Book

This book is a must-read for an entrepreneur whose business will be dealing with a lot of sensitive information that will require encryption.

It covers all information regarding both the technical and historical viewpoints of encryption processes. This masterpiece was written by Simon Singh.

This is one of the highest-rated Cybersecurity Books For Business Owners.

Cybersecurity Books For Business Owners

Cult of the Dead Cow

The title of this book was culled from the name given to the original hackers’ activist group.

They set the precedence for hacktivists worldwide today, by making global corporations upgrade their cybersecurity systems.

The book, written by Joseph Menn, highlights their exploits and influence on a global scale.


Social Engineering –  The Science of Human Hacking

It may be surprising to know that over half of all cyberattacks and breaches into a firm’s operations arise from a slip in the human element of the workforce.

This book by Christopher Hadnagy is a great read for all business owners to help anticipate, identify, prevent, and handle breaches that arise through social engineering.

Cybersecurity Books For Business Owners

The CERT Guide to Insider threats

This is a book that shares with the public tips and strategies employed by IT specialists to prevent and fight cyberattacks in their firms.

This book is co-authored by Andrew P. Moore, Dawn M. Cappelli, and Randall F. Trzeciak and is a must-have for entrepreneurs with backgrounds in computer science looking to start a firm.

Cybersecurity Books For Business Owners

The Cyber Effect

This brilliant piece by Mark Aiken –a forensic cyber-psychologist, discusses the entire cyberspace, and how it relates to and affects basic human life in the way we feel, think and act.

It further goes to expatiate on possible dangers we are exposed to in the process and how to live alright.


Practical Malware Analysis

This book, written by Michael Siroski covers the most popular techniques used by experts to combat malware attacks.

It is helpful in not only combating malware threats but also explaining how to set up preventive measures.

Cybersecurity Books For Business Owners

Hacking Exposed 7 – Network Secrets and Solutions

Written by three cybersecurity professionals, the book views hacking from an academic angle, covering hacking processes and protocols, as well as defensive techniques to implement.

This is what makes it unique and one of the recommended Cybersecurity Books For Business Owners.


Threat Modeling – Designing for Security

The author of this book is Adam Shostack and it is one of the most comprehensive guides on hacking available.

It encompasses several approaches to handling attacks, and discusses solutions implemented by major establishments over the past years; it is for everyone, experts and laymen looking to protect their business.

Cybersecurity Books For Business Owners

Although the previously listed books cover almost everything that there is to possibly know on cyber threats and cybersecurity, here are some additional cybersecurity measures that you can implement:

3 Simple and basic Cybersecurity tools

Staff Training: Given the relatively high number of attacks that are a result of employees error, it has become necessary for business owners to properly educate the staff on how to navigate cyberspace and handle sensitive documents that pertain to not only the firm but themselves inclusive.

VPN: The benefits of a VPN in the office space are countless. From encryption of connection to server networks, and the creation of firewalls in computer systems, to WiFi to prevent access of external users, VPNs play a major role in protection from cyberattacks.

Security for hire: There are establishments set up, fully invested in ensuring the protection of other businesses.

They do everything, ranging from encryption of customer data to creating firewalls on the database, and even making scheduled checks on the firm’s network servers to ensure that there are no bugs.

They are usually a little expensive, but cybersecurity is a good investment to make.


There are hundreds of books on the subject of cybersecurity that business owners can go with but I believe the ten we’ve talked about in this blog contain a great range of books within the cyber niche.

With the advancement of technology and the increased involvement of businesses, it is natural to see an increase in cybercrime towards firms.

All companies need to be well informed of the new risks they face and ways to combat the activities of cyber attackers.

Hope you have liked our listings of Cybersecurity Books For Business Owners. Hoping to get your feedback through the comment section.

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