How to start writing articles for money in 2023 [11 ways shared]

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If you are searching for how to start writing articles for money? Here we have discussed 11 proven ways to make money from writing.

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Are you a person who can place words in such a way that can trigger others’ thoughts and feelings? Or someone who loved to pen his/her creative thinking?

Do you know, that you can monetize this special skill and easily earn money from writing online?

Writing is one of those skills, if you have it you can have enormous options to make money from it.

How to start writing articles for money in 2023

So, if you are wondering how to earn passive income from writing or even make it a career option you are in the right place as here I discussed 11 ways to earn money from writing online.

1. Become a content writer

Content writing is one of the best options to start your writing career. 

As the demand for blogs, article writing, and web content is increasing day by day the market for content writers is also increasing simultaneously. 

What is content writing?

“Content writing” is writing content or articles online for the web. But it is not simply writing, it needs a good understanding and research to engage the audience through your content.

If you pursue your career as a writer my recommendation will be ‘to become a content writer’.

For getting writing opportunities, you can join some freelancing sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and and make your writing gigs.

Or you can write on your social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook etc so that someone can fetch you. 

You have to build a strong portfolio so that you can pitch your service to some great companies.

Just check, how much people are making from Fiverr for writing a single article.

how to start writing articles for money
Earning from

As a freelance content writer, you can earn $50-$150 per article and even more than that.

2. Earn Money by translating

If you easily earn money by translating a script or writing from one language to another.

By becoming an online freelance translator you can earn on an hourly basis which is anything between $15-$50 per hour.

Many companies hire freelance translators to translate their projects so that everybody in the world can understand their work and their work gets popular.

So if you have fluency in any two languages, you can apply there as a translator if you fit their requirement you can get the job as a translator.

You can also make your profile on freelancing sites like Fiverr, a translator and make gigs there, and make a portfolio of your work and tune with clients.

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earn money from writing online

3. Write a blog and earn money

You can start your blogging channel, write on it, and earn money. 

The demand for blogging rises exponentially and if you can grow here, easily earn thousands of dollars.

In blogging, you can choose any topic in which you have an interest and write your creative article there and monetise your website. 

You can start a blog on any free platform like Blogger. com, WordPress or if you can invest some money in your blog you can buy a domain and host.

Make Money From Blogging
Ways to make money from blogging

Get Adsense approval, apply for an affiliate program, write some sponsored posts and earn more than you can imagine.

4. Review and earn

You often see long reviews about movies, products, songs etc, does it ever come to your mind that he/she may review this in exchange for money?

Yeah, you can earn your pocket money by simply reviewing products or someone’s work.

If you want to be a reviewer for some great brands, it’s not that easy, it’s required knowledge and experience, but you can easily review some short projects by registering on some websites.

Slicethepie, Swagbucks, and InboxDollar are some legitimate websites from which you can earn immediately by reviewing and they give you a signup bonus also.

Not only that, they offer coupon cards from many shopping brands and online services.

5. Write a book

Most writers have the dream that one day they will be the best seller author. So why are you procrastinating? Write your book now and earn both fame and money.

Write anything you want to write like fiction, nonfiction, comics, romantic novels, poems etc, find a publisher, published it, and promote your book.

If you feel it is difficult to publish your book you can choose to write an ebook.

In the ebook, you no need to worry about its polishing as it is a self-publishing process.

You just have to write the ebook on some online platform like Kindle, iBook, kobo etc and they will auto-publish it.

When someone buys your ebook you earn from it. So write an ebook and make money.

You can also earn money from writing stories. So check it out too.

Although it’s not everyone’s cup of tea and not even a simple way to earn it, it is possible and if you write a good one your book becomes your money hub.

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6. Become a copywriter

If you are looking for a long-term, promising career option through writing then copywriting is one of them.

So, copywriting is short writing, written for advertising, marketing or brand promotion.

Copyright can be written to engage more customers which is called B2C copywriting (business to consumer) or to pitch or attract other companies which are called B2B Copywriting (business to business) but whatever it is, its main function is to promote your brand name.

On this note, I want to clarify to you that copywriting and content writing are two different things.

Although in copywriting there is a need for content these two are unique from each other in their way.

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7. Sell Your notes

If you are a sincere student who took every note from your teacher, you can sell them to another student who missed it or skipped the class and take charge of it.

There are several websites which provide such facilities to sell and buy notes. You can create an account there and sell your notes.

In this era of social media, you can use your social account to sell your notes.

You can simply create a website of your own or a Facebook page or an Instagram page (study gram) on which you can deliver your notes. 

8. Become a Ghostwriter

Ghostwriting is writing for someone with his/her name.

Many famous people, celebrities, and politicians hire a ghostwriter to write speeches or posts for them as they don’t get time to write anything.

You can take it as an advantage and write for them.

Even they offer more money than any normal writer as here your name has to hide. You can earn $25-$150 per article depending on clients.

In ghostwriting there are advantages and disadvantages.

Advantage, if you don’t like to be in the focus of the spotlight or public notice but want to continue your writing passion, it is best for you.

But on the other hand, your writing credits become in someone else bag. It is just about your name in your work but if you have no problem with that, the money you earn in return is a lot.

9. Write on medium and earn money

Medium is a writing platform where you can publish your blog and make money on medium. This is a kind of writing for us we pay model.

According to your profile, writing creativity you can earn hundreds to thousands of dollars per month.

There are many renowned publications present also who can fetch you if your writing is awesome, and offers you some position. 

It is good for a newbie writer also, it helps to build a strong portfolio which is gonna be your best friend in your future writing career.

10. Write on social media

Nowadays everybody is obsessed with social media and all want to post good stuff or stories on their sites.

But, not everyone has the potential to write a good post or a story so they hire writers to write posts. You can take this role and earn money from it.

And the type is, that you can post good stories or articles on your social media accounts and gather followers or an audience.

And use this follower as your tool to earn from affiliate marketing and paid sponsorship.

If you become famous on social media you get offers from companies to promote their products and they pay you thousands of dollars for it.

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11. Work as an Author assistant

A famous writer has many more things to do except writing novels or stories like responding to fans, e-mailing, social media handling, researching and many short but very important works and for this, they often need an assistant. 

As an assistant, you can earn from $500-$700 per month and as there are no such restrictions on working hours you can do it as a side hustle.

And apart from earning money, you can learn very nearly everything from writing to publishing.

And this experience has lots of value for your writing career.

Best Sites that will Pay You to Write Articles

  • Wow Women on Writing: $50-100
  • Strong Whispers: $50 – $150
  • Link-Able: $100 – $750
  • $100 – $200
  • Watch Culture: $25 – $500
  • Sitepoint:
  • Uxbooth: $100

You can visit to learn more in detail about sites that pay for writing articles online in 2023.

FAQs on How to start writing articles for money

1. How can I start writing for money?

There are various ways to make money from writing. Some of the ways are freelance writing, blogging etc

2. How much should I charge for a 1000-word article?

If you are a beginner then you can start with $0.05 per word means $50 per 1000 words. Later you can increase it from $80 to $150 per article.

3. How do I start a freelance writing career?

If you have a good hand in writing, then you can start it as a business. You can start using, Upwork etc

Then make your team of writers, start taking more projects and distribute them to your team. Thus you can scale it up.

4. How do I become a content writer with no experience?

Without experience, it’s difficult to get a potential project.

You can start blogging and make your portfolio to showcase to your clients.

Final Words on writing and earning money

We vividly discussed how to start writing articles for money online and hope that will help to kickstart your earning opportunities.

So if you possess the special skills of creative writing look forward to earning money by using your talent.

The writing industry is massive and packed with opportunities, but it may take you time to flourish here, but if you don’t lose hope and continue it with hard work and passion no one can stop you from making a career in it.

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