How To Make Money While You Sleep in 2023 – [20 Ways shared]

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Making money while sleeping in 2023 is like a pipe dream.

But there are some passive income ideas and online marketing strategies through which your dream comes true.

Although you might think I am kidding you, by using the strategies about ‘the best way to make money while sleeping’ that I mentioned in the posts and doing a little bit of effort you certainly can earn money while you sleep.

The great businessman of all time Warren Buffet also said in his “make money while you sleeping quote “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”

So, to live a financially independent life making passive income is very crucial. And in this internet era, it is not difficult at all to earn extra money.

Gain brief knowledge about -What is passive income?

Passive Income Generation Ideas
Credit: Branex

In lay person’s words, passive income is generating money by doing ‘nothing’.

However in reality, although it doesn’t need your active present, it needs your initial investment of money, time, and effort.

But once you set up your income source it needs minimal or zero effort to maintain it.

Although it looks effortless, It’s not as easy as it seems. It requires a proper mindset, goals, and strategy to run successfully.

You can’t be a millionaire overnight. But I know, a truly dedicated person like you can earn some passive income in a very short period.

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How to make passive money in 2023?

To earn extra side hustle income, the first and foremost part is, that you have to set up a mindset and an objective for your income stream.

Always be positive towards your goal.

Some must-do tips for making money while sleeping is:

  • Believe in yourself. If you can dream it, you can do it.
  • Learn to earn.
  • Do the application-oriented technique.
  • Do good research about the field of income you want to start. Know all its merits and demerits about it. Be practical in your thinking.
  • Give your best. Do hard work as much as you can to fulfil your dreams.
  • Learn from your mistakes.
  • Be flexible. Always updated on your marketplace and business technique.

17 Best Ways to Make Money While You Sleep in 2023

Here are the 17 best ways to make money while you sleep,

1. Invest in the Stock Market

The Stock Market or Share Market is the most familiar and traditional way to earn money while sleeping.

make money while you sleep

Developing a portfolio of shares that can produce a generous return for a long period consistently is the only thing it needs to earn from the stock market.

But you have to keep in mind that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea as there are so many ups and downs present here.

But if you are a good risk-taker then it’s worth it in the long term and you can earn a very high return from it.

There are several ways to invest you can invest in index funds, individual stocks, bonds, and ETFs -through capital appreciation and dividends.

If you have only a little capital then you can use some micro-investment and Robo-investing apps to manage your investment like –

  • Acorns
  • M1Finance
  • Stach

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2. Affiliate Marketing to make money

Affiliate Marketing is supposed to be the easiest online business model nowadays.

And this is among the best way to make money while you sleep. Like what I am doing.

Let me show some of my earnings which I got in sales for promoting Siteground through my website. And I feel so happy when I wake up and see such emails in my inbox.

affiliate earnings

Here you just have to suggest any company or person’s products to your audience and if someone purchases the product you earn up to 15-50% commission for your referral.

In this business, you need minimal entry capital and even you can start with an empty pocket.

I started with single hosting and domain purchase and started a blog and right now month earning a decent amount and the main source is affiliate marketing only.

You can also start a blog with just $2.95 per month and start earning with the right content and strategies.

If you have a good audience, once you enter the business, you just have to do nothing, you can make money in your sleep. And you can earn a very good amount of money.

But like every business here also you have to needs techniques and skills to grow the business.

Learn how the author is earning $500,000+ per year from affiliate marketing.

3. Webinars

Webinars are one of the best ways to reap money while sleeping.

Webinars is an online seminar that involves discussions, training, some kind of interaction and meetings.

There are both live and automated webinars. To earn money, while sleeping you must have to go for an automated one.

Automated webinars are operated 24/7. Here you have to sell something like a course, coughing, or software product. You can pocket a high amount of return through it.

Here endless opportunities are present and repackaging chances are abundant.

You have to train yourself first to become good webinars. A well-executed webinar takes labour, but it’s worth it.

4. Start your blog: Best Way to earn money while you sleep

If you are good at writing, don’t miss the chance. You can start your blog and post different articles on it.

Once your blog AdSense is approved, there is a chance of earning a lot of money. There are a lot of people who are even making it as a full-time income source.

Blogging platforms have become in trend today as a passive income source.

You can start a blog in any niche in which you are interested and have knowledge.

Then write some awesome, eye-catching blog posts. Once you gain good traffic and your site is filled with SEO optimise, and content you can monetise your blog.

Make Money From Blogging

You can start a blog with WordPress, which is super simple for beginners to kickstart. Right now more than 30% of the world’s website is on WordPress.

If you sign up with good ads, do affiliate marketing and pen sponsored posts you can grab good money.

If you find passion in blogging you can learn how to earn from blogging and you can take guidance from one who is already succeeding in this field.

Follow my Guide to start a blog in 2023 and make your blog profitable.

5. Write an eBook to make passive income

If you always dreamed of publishing a book but fear doing it then an eBook is a great idea.

You can monetize it to get great revenue.

You can write about any topic like a fiction novel, marketing guide, comic book, or romantic novel and now you have a good option where you can self-publish your book.

You can create your site where you can publish the ebook or you can sell it on some online platform like Amazon kindle store, iBooks Author, or Google Play.

In the case of self-publishing from printing, and storage to delivery everything is taken automatically.

Once you upload your book and it will be live in the market with proper marketing, you are gonna earn money while sleeping.

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6. Dropshipping (Earn while sleeping)

Drop-Shipping becomes bird-eye to make money while sleeping.

If you have some capital in your hand then you must try it as your passive income source.

Here you have to just sell products online without concern about storing, packaging and shifting. A third party will take care of all of this.

The steps you have to follow to run Drop-shipping successfully:

  1. Create an online store on Shopify.
  2. Go to Amazon or Aliexpress and choose the product you expect to sell.
  3. Enlisted the product on your Shopify store with a profit margin whatever you want.
  4. Start promoting the product through your social media sites.
  5. When any customer places an order from your Shopify store you need to purchase the product from Amazon or AliExpress and get it shipped directly to your customer’s door.
  6. You get 20%-30% profit pre-sells.

You can start with Shopify 14 days free trial and create your store and start selling any items you want.

Here all things are on autopilot and you also focus on your daily corporate job without any interruption.

7. Start Amazon FBA business

Amazon launched a program Fulfilment by Amazon to fulfil the dreams of many retailers to sell their products online.

Here you only have to generate the product and market it, Amazon does the rest of the things like packaging, shipping, billing etc.

You have to learn marketing well and Amazon will take care of the rest of the supply chain.

For this, you have to create a seller account, choose a niche, list your product on your account, marketing it.

Amazon has an enormous opportunity for aspiring newbie businesses, you have skills you can easily make money from.

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8. Rent your property

If you have an asset, some property, and commodities, which you don’t use you can utilise them to make money.

Second-hand sales are in trend now.

You can use a garage or yard for rent, sell your old furniture, and electronics on various online platforms like eBay, Amazon, and Gumtree, and sell them by advertising on your social media platforms.

You can list some rooms of a house on some online platform like Airbnb. Rent out your car etc

This gives you good Cash on your hands if you live in a city or some area near a tourist spot.

More to Read:

9. Peer-to-peer lending

Peer-to-peer lending which is also known as social lending or crowdlending is a very accurate way to earn money in automation.

P2P (Peer-to-peer) lending enables someone to get a loan directly from the other individual, cutting out the other organizations as a middleman.

Many websites give us the facilities which increase P2P lending adoption as an alternative way of financing. Some firms are

  • Home buying
  • Home Improvement
  • Business loans
  • Credit card refinancing etc

Steps through which the whole P2P landing is performed are:

Step-1 An investor has to open an account with the site and deposit a sum of money to be dispersed in loans.

Step-2 The loan applicant posts a financial profile that is appointed a risk level that specifies the interest rate the applicant will deliver.

Step-3 The loan applicant reviews offers and accepts some of them.

Step-4 The money transfer and the monthly payments are regulated through the site.

The system can be completely automated, or lenders and borrowers can select to haggle.

10. Sell stock content

If you carry some unused photos, sketches, videos, design, and audio then you can sell them on some sites, self-publishers, app creators, and advertiser who is interested in second-hand service.

It’s an elusive source of passive income.

It’s a great secondary source of income as once you upload your photo or content as a digital product you can earn whenever someone downloads it.

This can happen thousands of times without any extra effort on your aspect.

Some platform which provides such facility is-

I would recommend going with Shutterstock and submitting your awesome photos and earning at least $200/mo.

11. Sell online course

In today’s world of the internet, online courses are the future.

You don’t need to be an expert to teach if you only have certain knowledge about any topic you can do this easily.

Figure out which topics are in trend by looking at which courses are selling well already, Make sure your course is that good and can stand out among the crowd.

And then start marketing it appropriately.

You can use some online platforms like Udemy, Skillshare, and teachable.

Upload your course in a video or document course and you get money day and night whenever someone buys your course.

12. Become a YouTuber

Youtube is a great choice for becoming financially independent. Many ordinary people earn millions per month just using the YouTube platform by uploading videos.

YouTube is a very huge, popular, and easily accessible platform.

If you are good with cameras and have ideas to create a video then start YouTube today.

At first, it’s difficult to gain views and subscribers but once you get a good audience you earn a lot.

You can use affiliate marketing to earn from ads. You also create some sponsored videos for extra income.

13. Build App and sell it

For those who know to code, and can create an app, building and selling apps is one good option to make money while you sleep.

Invest your technical skills in app building, if you do that you can reap money when it sells.

The mobile app is in demand now and by selling it you earn a profitable return.

Building an app, changing for them, advertising them on social media platforms, and giving in-app marketing- are the way you can earn.

You can use Quora, Linkedin and other social media to get leads. Also, you can flip on websites like

14. Open Money Market Account

Money market accounts are good if you have time on your hand to grow your money.

Keep in mind that the money market account is different from money market mutual funds.

A Money Market Account is an account run by a bank or a credit union that is an interest-bearing account.

Money market accounts pay a greater interest percentage than ordinary passbook savings accounts and often contain check-writing and debit card freedoms.

And it’s less flexible than a regular checking account because of their restriction.

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15. Buy and sell the domain name

Although Domain Name flipping is hard for the beginner as it takes lots of practice and experience.

But once you get the droop of it, you can make quite a decent amount of money by flipping domains regularly.

There are some tips for making good in this area-

  • Focus on niches.
  • Research for the names that offer a good price.
  • Check out domain availability.
  • Estimate the price.
  • Get your domains in public.

Like any investment, domain name investment also comes with risks but if you can handle it, this yields high returns and a unique way to shape your portfolio of investments.

16. Build a CA ladder

A CD, or certificate of deposit, is treated as a low-risk investment, but here you have to lock away your money for some period.

In general CD ladder is a particular investment strategy where you can invest in a series of individual CDs with a staggered maturity date.

You can purchase short-term CDs that mature in six months or one year, but if you want the best interest rates then the higher rate is recommended.

The highest rates are commonly paid out on longer-term CDs, such as three-year, four-year CDs or five-year CDs.

How does it work?:

Step 1: Open different CDs rather than setting all the funds in one CD, For example, you set $1,000 in each of four CDs that will mature in one, two, three, and four years.

Step 2: Renew and restore each CD at maturity. Whenever any CD matures, you renew it as a four-year CD.

CDs are safe opportunities for saving or investing since they are federal and returns are ensured. And when its rates increase from the past year, you’ll earn more money.

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17. Invest in Real Estate

Real estate is one of the most lucrative ways for both income and profits

In simple words, real estate is ‘ earnings from your property. If you can wait for growth and heighten the value of your property then you can pocket good bucks.

There are many ways to earn money through Real Estate like, bird-dogging, wholesaling and buying, fixing and flipping.

For beginners, the first three processes are best.

In this field, you have to research a lot, when you can discover the ways to add value to it, investing in real estate can be one of the largest income generators you’ll find.

One drawback is that it gives you one-time money when you sell it, but there is a solution also for this like you can rent your property to earn monthly.

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Passive income ideas to make money while you sleep in 2023

1. Become a proofreader

According to the average salary of an online proofreader is $52,202 per year.

The amount of money that can be earned as a  proofreader depends on how fast they work per hour.

Some proofreading freelancers are earning from $25-$50 per hour. Proofreading is one of the great online jobs that can be done from anywhere in the world on any device.

You can find this guide on how to start a proofreading business in 2023 very well if you are interested in this.

2. Freelancing

Freelancing is one of the best ways on the list to make money online. You can choose a niche, make a good portfolio in it and start freelancing.

For that you can start writing, designing, video editing, blog editing, writing, proofreading, or anything you are interested in. 

You just need to sign up to freelancing sites like Upwork, truelancer, and freelancer and then start bidding on the projects you are capable of.

Once you are accepted for the project, you can do a certain task and get money in return. It all depends upon the area of interest and the niche you choose as a freelancer.

You can earn up to $10,000 per month if you are experienced and deliver quality work.

In Fiverr there is a gig system, still, you have a high chance of making money.

Make Money while you sleep book

If you are a book lover and want to read a book based on making money passively while sleeping, then this is the best book for you:

FAQs Related to Make Money while you sleep

1. How can I make money while I sleep in 2023?

My recommendation is to start blogging. Start your blogging channel, work hard on it, learn SEO strategies, promote it on social media and look how easily you can make money even when you are sleeping.

2. Can you get money for sleeping?

There is a company named “Wakefit” that delivers a service called “sleep intern”.

Here you just have to go to sleep and test the product of the company. They pay more than $1400 to sleep nine hours a night continuously for ninety days.

3. What are some making money while sleeping quotes?

Many legends give their valuable quotes regarding making money while sleeping and passive income, but among them my all-time favourites are – 

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die” – Warren

“The key to financial freedom and great wealth is a person’s ability or skill to convert earned income into passive income and/or portfolio income.” – Robert Kiyosaki

 “Rich people choose to get paid based on results. Poor people choose to get paid based on time.” – T. Harv Eker

4. What are make money while you sleep app?

Some of the apps are listed below:
Smart Panel App
MobileXpression Panel

Final Words

If you search the life story of successful businessmen you can see, that they are successful because most of them can find the way,” how to make money while sleeping in 2023″.

There are tons of ways of passive income. I described 17 of them.

If you only dream of “earning money while sleeping” nothing is going to happen.

It needs the effort to kick start the engine of passive income and “now” is the best time to start it.

Masood Ahmad

My name is Masood Ahmad, a blogger and affiliate marketer by passion. I am currently studying at IIT Kharagpur. I have been a paid content writer, transcriptionist, web developer, and SEO expert. But right now I’ve dedicated myself to this blog to help professionals like you, how to make money online.

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