How To start a business without investment In 2021 [15 ideas]

Many people dreamed to start a business but most of them are stuck to start due to lack of money or insufficient funds.

If you one of them then this blog is definitely for you as here we discuss in details about how to start a business without investment in 2021.

If you are tired of being a mouse in the rat race of 9-5 monotonous job or become a jobless due to the devastating pandemic situation.

And you want to start your own business but fear of any investment.

Then I am glad to inform you that there are plenty of low or no investment business idea with high profit-making.

So break the shell of fear of investment and flourish the bud of your inner entrepreneurship by starting your own business.

Without wasting time clear all your doubts about “How to Start a Business Without Investment?”

Is It Really Possible To Start A Business Without Investment?

Yes! It is possible.

Although it seems difficult to grow business without investment but it can be true.

Keep in mind that here the “investment” which I am talking about is the financial investment.

But you have to obviously invest your skills, time, knowledge, efficiency in a good amount.

If you have talents and courage in any particular idea which I mentioned below you can certainly earn a lot of money from them.

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15 Easy And Profit Making Ideas To Start A Business

1. Blogging

In my opinion, it is the best zero investment online business idea but the high profitable option to start your own business.

Nowadays it becomes the first choice for online marketers and they receive thousands of dollars for it every month.

How to start blogging –

You can start your blog in two paths.

One by using a free platform like blogger or WordPress where you just have to create an account of your own.

And second, if you can afford then purchase your own hosting, domain by spending less than $2.95/month.

Starting a blog is a very easy process. Before going in deep lemme describe some general terms:

Niche: Niche is basically the topics you gonna cover by writing in th forms of articles. Like this website covers about, business entrepreneurship and make money online ideas.

Similaryly you can start in the niches like health, finance, books, technogy, home decoration, gardening, fishing etc

There are plenty of niche ideas. I recommend you to choose a niche in which you are passionate, interested, experienced and have some money-making potential.

If you have any doubts, just contact me. I will difficulty hep you to elect a profitable niche for you.

Domain: It is the web address if your blog. Like this website is having, similar and so on.

Visitors will search this on your search engine like google and visit your blog/website from there. So it must be unique and memorable.

Hosting: It is the place where all your files will be stored. Like your images, videos, graphics, database etc.

Now lets on how you can start a proftable blog in 2021:

Step 1: Click on the special link to visit bluehost page.

(If you buy hosting from Bluehost then you will get a free domain for a year.)

start a business without investment

Step 2: After clicking on “Get Started“. It will redirect to choose the plans.

I would recommend you to go with the basic plan, in the beginning, later you can upgrade.

Click on select Button.

Step 3: It will ask you to create a new domain, or if you nought earlier then use your own domain. or you can skip and use it later on.

Just simply put your desired name like, or your name simply.

And click on Next.

Step 4: Now it will ask the necseaty information like your name, email, pacakae etc

Just fill it simply amd unick all unrequired addons like i have shown.

It’s done. Congratulations! on setting up your first blog.

Now you can install a WordPress on your blog like I have installed and start publishing unique content consistently.

You can read this guide to install a wordpress on bluehost.

If you use the right steps to create a blog and devotes yourself in it properly you can even earn within just 3-6 months.

This is among the best ideas to start a business without investment or minimal investment to kickstart.

2. Affiliate Marketing

These days Affiliate marketing also becomes the bird-eye in online marketing.

And the reason behind that a lot of renowned company like Amazon, ebay are offering affiliate marketing programs to promote their businesses.

Here you can earn a commission if you can sell their products.

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How to start affiliate marketing-

There are many ways to do affiliate marketing. You can do it by using your social media account or through a blog where you have to write posts about the product you want to sell.

And the other way you can do by signing up the affiliate program that various companies held.

You will get the tracking link of the product to promote and if anyone purchases the product by clicking your link you will get a commission from the company.

Here is the illustration for clear cut understanding.

Credit: MasterBlogging

Although the amount of commission varies from product to product and for companies to companies but you can get 15% to up to 50% for each product.

Affiliate marketing is a wonderful way to start an online business as it’s don’t need any kind of investment to initiate it.

Learn how the author is earning $500,000+ per year from affiliate marketing.

3. Dropshipping business

It is one of the fast-growing business now.

It’s become trendy in the business industry because of its remarkably high profits with no investment.

How to start Dropshipping-

It’s an online business model very much similar to every offline retailing business.

Just the difference is here you can run your pwn store without any presence of any inventory.

Here first, you have to create an online store of your own.

Then have to purchase the product which you wish to promote from the wholesaler at the low prices and the have to sell the manufacturer’s products on your website under your trademark.

Then add your profit and present them in your store with a new price.

If anyone buys the product from you, your supplier will ship your products from their storehouse, straight to your customer’s doorstep.

And even you have not to worry about storing, packaging, or shipping your products.

Plus you can also sell the product in many big shopping websites like Amazon and AliExpress.

4. Freelance Writing (Zero Investment Business)

If you have good fluency in language and skill in writing then freelancing is a very good option for you to start a business.

There is a huge option in this field as you can write in a magazine article, website, blog post, newsletters, press release, brochures, etc.

In present, some product owner also hired a freelance writer to write a reasonable review of the products.

Just look at how much people are charging per article on Fiverr. You can set your own and later increase or decrease your rate.

ideas to start a business without investment

How to start freelance writing-

You have to choose a niche in which you are comfortable. Then first you have built a starter portfolio.

For this, you may have to start writing for free if required and told them to give review and testimonial which upgraded your portfolio.

If you can build a great portfolio then it will be easier for you to get a good number of clients.

As you get growing in this field your demand per article also increases.

You can use, Upwork or Freelancer. But I would recommend you to go with Fiverr. It’s a beginner-friendly and you can easily get work.

Create your account on Fiverr and start going. Its FREE

5. Podcasting

Recently it all also become in trend in online business as it’s become very easy to start your own podcast channel.

And lots of people start their podcast channel every day.

How to start podcasting-

For open your podcast you have to create a podcast account in which you are interested or passionate about.

If you gain a targeted amount of active listeners on your channel then the business owner of many companies offer you to advertise their products from which you can earn a good amount of money.

In the other hand, you earn also from sponsorship, reviewing the book of many authors, by affiliate marketing etc.

5. Start a Youtube Channel

YouTube a very large online platform for business.

But in YouTube business, you have to be more patient because it takes time at least 6-12 months to engage a large number of audience in most of the cases.

However, if your channel gets good traffic you can earn big amount of money from it.

How to start a YouTube channel-

You have to first create a new channel in your YouTube account then fill out all details, Channel name, etc.

Follow this guide:

If your channel verifies, you can share your knowledge on any topic you like.

You will pay according to your views, subscription likes from YouTube and also earned from ads and affiliated products.

If your niche will be profitable like health, tech, gadgets then you can easily monetize your audience with affiliate products.

6. Selling Online Course

If you have the knowledge about any particular topic then teaching, creating, and selling online courses is a good choice.

Although it is not everyone’s cup of tea but if you are familiar with any topic you can grow your business in this field.

How to Sell Online Course-

What you have to do is just to create a good, informative video tutorial or a manuscript about which you want to teach.

Then have to post and sell it either your own website or sell it in any renowned platform like Udemy, Teachable, Skillshares.

7. Graphics Designing: start a business without investment

If you know graphics design or have an interest in designing then Graphics Designing is perfect for the start.

You can master by taking some courses online and start making graphics using advanced tools and earn as much you want.

How to earn from Graphics Designing-

You have to design company logos, Invitation card, trading video, promotional banner.

And have to sell them to the company owner which is needed to increase their publicity.

You can even be tied up with some printing press which helps to give better service to your clients.

You can platform like Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork etc to get projects for your graphic designing work.

8. Writing And Publishing ebook

Instead of craeting courses, you can also write and publish your content in the form of ebooks.

If you wish to write your book but don’t know how to start, published, edit, sell then I inform you there is a very good opportunity to write it online and published it as an ebook.

How to write and publish eBook-

You have to write books in whichever field you like to like romantic novels, comics, business book, self-help book etc, then you have to self-published it as an ebook.

You can publish it on your website or also released it in some online bookselling platform like Amazon kindle, iBook Author, Google Play.

As your book getting the sale you earn from it. You can use Quora instead for promotion because it has large readership audiences globally.

The best part of self -publishing ebook is you don’t have to worry about how to print, deliver or store it’s all have been taken care automatically.

This can be considered as a Small investment business from home and return can be amazing. All will depend upon your marketings strategies.

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9. Virtual Assistant Service

When someone running a big company there are many duties which is important but very much time-consuming in the situation they hire some virtual assistants to solve this problem.

As assistance, you have to do their tasks on behalf of them.

How to be a Virtual Assistant-

For this, you have to decide and choose the service you can give to your clients. Then set a price rate for your service.

Then launch your website and inform your presence in this service. If someone hires you can income from your service.

As a virtual assistant, your duty maybe social media marketing, sending email, link building, prompting company, managing account etc.

This is the Best business to start with little money or no miney at all. All you need is the skills.

10. SEO Consultant

SEO is the main source for the high traffic of your website. And nowadays many websites holder to save their time.

If you know how to do SEO then you can act as a consultant for them.

How to start SEO consulting-

First master yourself in SEO. Take an SEO course and gain a certified degree from online.

Then build a service website where you can inform everyone about your ability. There you can price your ability.

If someone hires you will be paid.

You can tell them to review your work which helps to increase your ranking and boost your performance.

As an SEO consultant, your service will be web analytics, keywords analysis, web marketing, link building, backlinking etc.

This can be considered as the best online business without investment.

11. Advertising Manager

If you have great knowledge in digital marketing skills, you can perform as an Advertising Manager.

How to be an Advertising Manager-

For becoming an Advertising Manager you have to be skilled in digital marketing.

If you are not that much knowledge in this region but you want to be an Ads manager, you need not be a worry as there are several online courses present from which you can learn it and get certified.

Then as other online services here also you have to build your service website and pitch the client.

Here your duties create an advertising campaign, promote products, reduce costs of advertising, increase sales of products etc.

12. Vlogging

It is a good idea of business with minimal investment.

Here the only investment is a good camera which nowadays a good smartphone can provide.

How do be a Vlogger-

You have to build a free blogging Channel on YouTube.

Upload an impressive video on any field.

You can increase viewers by promoting them on the Facebook page or Instagram Page.

You can earn money from AdSense, sponsorship, affiliates, merchandise etc.

13. Becoming A WordPress Developer

WordPress is the most popular platform for blogger and for creating new websites.

If you have some designing skills then you can start building websites for others as it’s very easy and non-techies can build a website to a great extent.

This website s also developed on WordPress. It will take just some months to understand themes customization and plugins usage.

How to be a WordPress developer-

You can start building websites with Bluehost at just $2.95/mo and learn all customizations and then start takings clients project.

If you know about web developing and programming you can develop WordPress plugins, themes, tools etc.

If you have a good language of HTML, CSS, Python etc then you can start creating websites, themes, tools, plugins and really people are making hell lots fo money from it.

14. Proofreading business

You can become a proofreader foo someone else work.

And this work is currently on the boom.

If you have a stronghold on Grammer then you can make a good amount of money by correcting grammar, spelling, punctuation of content/articles.

Join Now 76 Minutes FREE workshop and learn the proofread business and attracts clients in it.

This is among the best ideas to start a business without investment or minimal investment to kickstart.

15. Start an Online Tutoring

If you are well in academics and want to share your knowledge with others then you can make money by doing this.

After this pandemic. Education is shifted towards online. So you can utilize this opportunity and start making money.

How to teach online?

You can either start making youtube videos of topics and chapters and help students that way and you can put your email in the description and ask them to contact you fur tutoring or special class.

You can take classes using Skype and fix your hourly rate before starting the session.

Also, there are various platforms where you will be paid for teaching like, etc

Points to keep in Mind When Starting A Business

1) Do good research about the business you want to start. It is very necessary as you can’t grow your business if don’t even know about your business properly.

2) Master the skill which is required in this business.

3) Plan about your business well for success.

4) Be flexible with the market as business is very dynamic.

5) Take a guide from the legends who are already succeeding in that field.

6) Know your audience, their needs, their choice.

7) Be creative and aggressive with your marketing.

8) Be patience. It takes time to grow a business. So don’t give up quickly and do hard work to flourish your business.

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FAQs Related to businesses without investment

  1. 1. Which business is best with low investment?

    The best business opportunities these days is to start a blog and generate passive income from it.

  2. 2. How can I start a business with zero investment?

    There are still some businesses are there which you can start with zero investment like freelancing, transcriptor, content creator, graphic designer, proofreader.

    But still, there is a need to invest in your skills courses to master it and make your income.

  3. 3. Which is the best business to start with little money?

    If you would ask from my experience, then I would suggest you start a blog and then earn through ads, affiliate marketing and sponsorships.

    But others online business are available too like the content creator, graphic designer, proofreader but you have to good with these skills to stand in the market and earn passive income.

  4. 4. What are the business ideas with low investment and high profit?

    These are my recomendation of business ideas with low investment and high profit but it will require your time though.

    Affiliate Marketing, Virtual Assistant Service, Social Media Marketing, Business Consulting, Ebook Sales etc

Final Words on how to start a business without investment

So here we have discussed, ideas on how to start a business without investment in 2021 or minimal investment business ideas.

In my advice, the very first step to start a business is to “start” it.

Don’t procrastinate, pick any ideas I mentioned above and just start it.

Be passionate about what you do, nothing can stop you from growing your business.

Katherine Jensen

My name is Katherine Jensen a blogger and affiliate marketer by passion. I am the owner of this website. I have been a paid content writer, transcriptionist, and SEO expert. But right now I’ve dedicated myself to this blog to help professionals like you, how to make money online.

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