Tips For Starting A Startup In College

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Startup in college has become the most fascinating nowdays. We are living in the era where almost every student from college has chosen the path of entrepreneurship. There can be various reasons like:

  • They don’t want to work under someone from 9 to 5 all day.
  • Main push up for startups craze is because of Facebook, Microsoft, Google. As all these big companies were started by college students and even Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates are a college dropout.
  • They want to be the self boss.
  • They want to work only, what they use to like. And even they can work 24 hours a day also for their work of interest.

Apart from above all reasons, all students feel inspired by such business or startup stories. But they are not cleared about the needs of startups and even not clear actually about what they want to achieve when they are doing startups. So, here I am providing you with some tips for starting your own startup in college.

Tips To Build Your Startup in college

Given mentioned tips for startup in college will definitely going to help in achieving the sucess:

 1. Set Your Priority

This is the first and among the most important tips for starting your startup in college. If you are not clear about your business or startups goals, then it will be very difficult for you to proceed further. But lemme tell you, Try not to set an exceptionally high plan at very first stage as this puts unnecessary pressure on you. It will also affect your academic performance.

So, I will suggest you- plan your time in advance in such a way that, you can allocate the necessary amount of time to both academic as well as your startups according to requirements. And at last, do not involve in any activities unnecessary.

2. Do Attend Events

The most important step for succeeding in the entrepreneurial journey is to participate and attend the entrepreneurial events either organised in your own college or at some other best colleges. 

If you have good communication skills and knowledge about entrepreneurship, then you can also participate in these events as a speaker.

You can learn a lot by attending these events. Like, how to present your startup idea, pitch deck, how to attract investors, the procedure for funding etc. This is among the best tips for doing a startup in college. 

3. Take Right Curriculum

Apart from your regular courses, you should opt that courses which may be beneficial for you in future and that too which help you in entrepreneurial journey. Many colleges provide additional courses to opt like entrepreneurship, management etc

These courses will add tons of extra value in you. You will learn about, how business used to operate, how to grow your business etc. 

These courses will act as a bridge which connects both academic as well as entrepreneurship ends. These courses will also help you to connect with like-minded students, alumni which will boost your startup grow.

4. Funding For Your Startup

As we discussed above, many colleges used to organise startup events, in which you can participate to get funding for your startup. If you are selected in that, you will allocate with funding so that you can work on your startup.

This funding will really be going to boost your confidence and motivation to work in the initial stages. As you don’t have to worry about money, one thing you have to do is working and implementing the idea you have.

Your seniors and alumni can also be the source of funding for your startup. So, make a connection with them too. Apart from all, big investors companies like Y Combinator, Angel Investor can also fund for your startups, if you have an awesome and unique startup idea.

NOTE: If you are willing to get funding from events organised by college, then be clear about equity share with them. They probably ask you for more equity share.

5. Finding a Mentor

Experts believe that the role of a mentor is very crucial for startups to get success. A mentor is basically an experienced and trusted advisor, who will be going to clear your doubts and even prevent you from taking the wrong decisions.

And now the question arises in your mind is, how will you find a good mentor? Who can be better? So, for that, do attend the startup events, e-summits, alumni meet etc. You will going to find them definitely over there.

A mentor will be going to guide you throughout your startup journey. And most importantly, he/she can be your startup investor also.

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Hope you find these tips for starting your own startup in college, useful. And at last, I want to say -don’t get demotivated by some person around you. Keep going and maintain a positive attitude that you will definitely be going to succeed in it. And most importantly, take the journey of entrepreneurship as a journey of interest not as a burden.

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