Top 5 kids who are running startups in India successfully [ 2023]

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Truly age can’t be the restriction to do something out of the box. Here we are discussing the kids who are running startups in India successfully. They have set out to break the stereotypes regarding kids and carve out an interesting and unique startup in India. In other words, we can say Everyone is having potential, the thing which needed is to shape our kids in a good manner. Because “Kids today are the Icons Tomorrow“.
Before proceeding further let me introduce a nice quotation ‘To any entrepreneur: if you want to do it, do it now. If you don’t, you’re going to regret it.’ – Catherine Cook, Said correctly we wait for things to happen and then we will start something.
Moreover, in India, youths are having thinking that they will do something after graduation, work for any company and earn a decent amount of money and with this capital think of starting something. But its too late and end up our career doing to 9 to 5 job every day. Because challenges will never gonna leave us alone. Then why don’t take the risk and start something? Even if we fail, we will be going to get some experience from this failure which will help later in future.
The days are gone when students prefer to pursue their career for working a big MNCs. There is a lot of enthusiasm in the students or youths craze about entrepreneurship. Even govt. is helping the students by introducing a course of entrepreneurship at the school level.

Papers N Parcels (PNP)

Name Tilak Mehta
Age 13 years
Class 8th
Designation Founder
IDEA: This is the newest kid running startups in IndiaTilak Mehta dedicated to carrying the papers and small parcels up to 3 kg in Mumbai for assured intra-day delivery. PNP is having its own mobile app and already employs 200+ and they tied up with dabbawala of Mumbai which is 300+ and more likely to join PNP as they can earn extra money by delivering the parcels along with Dabbas(Launch box).
The initial funding comes from Rushabh Sealink where Tilak Mehta father work. And in future PNP will tie up with Swiggy and Zomato to extend its functionality. And also they are looking for launching its logistics in other metropolis cities of India like Delhi, Banglore etc
From where This IDEA Originated: Tilak Mehta once needed a book from the other end of the city urgently. His father came home very tired after day’s work so he could not ask him for the same and no option left for him to get the books. So with this, an idea struck to him. Also, his father works in the logistic firm from where he got the advantage.

Go Dimensions

Name Shravan Kumaran and Sanjay Kumaran
Age 17 and 15 respectively
Class 12th and 10th-grade respec.
Designation President and CEO respec.
Shravan Kumaran, a 17-year-old boy studying 12th class and Sanjay Kumaran, a 15-year-old boy studying 10th class in Chennai, India, both brothers came into the limelight 3 years back as youngest Programmers in India and one of the youngest in the World. Thses kids used to develop mobile apps They founded the go dimensions in 2011 and over the years they developed more than 11 apps which are available on both google play store and apple app store.
These apps have received 70,000+ downloads with an average rating of 4.5. Both Kumaran brothers draw inspiration from Steve Jobs for user interface and Bill Gates for marketing strategies.
From Where Idea Originated: Their interest in computer started at very early (like when they are 12 or 10 years old) when they started giving presentations at school. For their keen interests in the Computer, they were encouraged and supported by teachers. So they started learning QBasic, Animation and then programming apps.
The two have given various presentations including at IIM-B and TedxTalk. Among the best kids running startups in India.


Name Arjun Santhosh Kumar
Age 17 years
Class 12th Grade
Designation Founder and CEO
Arjun, a 12th-grade student or may be right now in college always been greatly fascinated with science and technologies founded his company at the age of 14 years LateraLogics, a company which primarily focuses on the app development and consultation. Arjun developed two aware winning software apps, namely Ez School Bus Locator and iSafeGuard.
From where IDEA originated: He was lucky enough to get started with the computer at the age of 2 only. From there, he exposed to all computers technologies and along with this started making electronics gadgets. When he was 8 years old, he got the robotics kit which helped him in practising programming skills along with electronics and mechanics. After a couple of years, his dad bought a smartphone from where his interest increases drastically and started making and learning android apps using (MIT)’s programming tool(basically it was developed by Google and handed it to MIT later) called App Inventor and learnt it very well.
Achievements: For Ez School Bus Locator ( Which help parents to know about their child school bus live location and even they can check whether his/her ward is present in bus or not ) he even won the first prize in (MIT)’s App i,e which we discussed later Inventor App Contest in January of 2013. Again in 2014, also he participated in Inventor app Bug Finding Contest and do not wonder he won the first prize. And his ladder of success is still counting in 2018.
His latest app is iSafeGuard- a women and teen safety mobile app. This app found really useful for young girls & women who face challenges to live safely in today’s world. This app will send distress calls(SOS) with location details to friends and family members whose numbers have pre-set. Also, alert local volunteer near the spot who have installed this app to get help fast. Arjun is one of the fine kids running startups in India.

Apex Infosys India

Name Advait Thakur
Age 15 years
Class 10th Grade
Designation Founder And CEO
Advait Thakur is also one among the kids running startups in India and he is currently completing his high school at D.A.V. Public School, New Panvel, Mumbai. He is an Indian computer programmer and internet entrepreneur. He started using computers at the age of 6 and developed the first website at the age of 9. Apex Infosys India provides digital solutions and involved in AI, Machine learning and more.
Achievements: He is Google, Bing, Hubspot certified professional. Ranked 4th in Wikia’s Young Entrepreneurs under 20 list of 2017. In 201, at the age of 14, he developed an app “Technology Quiz” to helps kids learn about science and technology. He is one of the youngest entrepreneurs web/app developer and among best kids running startups in India.
He also helped the NGO, where he worked during schooldays and provide free solution t get the large audience online. In 2015, Advait established Apex Infosys India from his study room. An earlier inspiration for Apex may have come from Mark Zuckerberg, as he draws inspiration from him.
He also developed an “Autism Awareness” an app for Google which helps people to learn about autism and related disorders and their symptoms, etc. 

eDesign Technologies

Name Sreelakshmi Suresh
Age 18 years old
Class Maybe in College
Designation Founder & CEO
Sreelakshmi Suresh is one among the kids running startups in India.  Suresh is the youngest entrepreneursweb designer and CEO in the world and has much recognition to her name. A recipient of many national and international awards, she started climbing the success ladder at the age of 10 years by establishing her own venture called eDesign Technologies. Basically, this website company offers services like website design, website development, SEO and logo designing. 
Sreelakshmi has developed over 100 websites for renowned instructions and organization across India. She did his class 12th grade education from a secondary school in Kozhikode, Kerala, India.
How IDEA originated: Computer is her best friend at an early age. When he heard about a boy developed a website and her parents told her about the same and motivated to do something like that. From then, she stepped into the world of web designing. When she was in 4th grade, she was entrusted with the work of developing a website for her school.
Achievements: She has achieved the target of making 50 websites in a year. And in coming years she will gonna triple or quadrupled it.


I hope you enjoyed reading about kids running startups in India. In short, we can see that all these kids have entrepreneur characteristics which help them to do something out of the context. That’s why these kids or better say the youngest entrepreneurs of India who are successfully running startups and hope they will be going to achieve big in their life and also bring pride of India in the whole world. There are various needs of startups, you should know if you are thinking of starting something.
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