10 Must Read Entrepreneurship Best Business Books For 2021

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Hello young entrepreneurs, wondering what to pick this year to read the “entrepreneurship best business books”?

Then hold on a minute and read the blog, as it is going to suggest the 10 entrepreneurship best business books.

Entrepreneurship and book reading are like two sides of the same coin.

As an entrepreneur, your career has never been smooth, you have to face lots of ups and downs.

If you have a lack of knowledge you can’t handle it but if you read, books always act as a gold mine to provide knowledge, information, ideas.

And that’s the reason why most of the successful entrepreneurs read on an average 40-50 books per year. 

Actually, in life, there are two ways to learn-

  1. Learn from your own mistakes and
  2. Learn from other’s mistakes, by reading their story

To learn from your own mistakes maybe sometimes too late to get an opportunity.

So it’s best to read the books of a successful person, entrepreneurs to know their stories, their life lesson, their struggle and their ways to success, apply it to your own life or goal. 

There are lots of good books to add to your book self this year and in this article, I write 10 of them. So, without wasting time, take a look. 

Why should you read business books this year?

There never is an imperfect time to start a business book reading and especially for this year, because of the 2020’s crisis in pandemic everyone’s economic conditions shift at least a little bit.

In this situation, these entrepreneurship best business books help you find how to fight, overcome the economic crisis by developing an entrepreneurial mindset.

These books are full of motivation, ideas and priceless lessons by successful entrepreneurs, brand CEOs, investors, and billionaires.

This will help you to improve your psychology towards money and change your misconceptions or myths about wealth.

Not only that it also influences your personal life and thought process.

Those existing stories of successful people help you to find a purpose of existence, help you dream big, help you to believe in yourself which increases your confidence and self-respect.

When you read their stories you become a part of their life and even if you can relate their stories with your’s.

You gradually try to think similar to that big person’s mindset and you can understand how some small but bold steps make an ordinary boy an extraordinary man!

Our top picks for Entrepreneurship Best Business Books 2021

Book reading is essential,  but we don’t get the time to read each and every book in the world and it’s not even necessary, we only have to read the right book to gain the right knowledge.

But without reading the book how can you know, which is best and which is not, after all, you can’t judge a book by its cover?

So who is gonna say to you what’s the right book for you? Don’t worry my friend, I do.

So our top picks for books on entrepreneurship developments in 2021 are following –

1. Crushing It for Entrepreneurs

By Gary Vaynerchuk

entrepreneurship best business books

One of the most successful entrepreneurs, four times New York best-selling author Gray Vaynerchuk narrates his life story in this book Crushing It. 

If you dream to grow your business in social media platforms then it will be the perfect pick for you. 

He tells you to use every little opportunity, which might turn into the emperor of your business.

This book will help you to boost your mindset and enhance your strategies towards your business.

This is among the entrepreneurship best business books.

2. The Almanack of Naval Ravikant

By Eric Jorgenson

entrepreneurship best business books

It is the ‘Almanack’ ( means handbook) written by Eric Jorgenson about the CEO and founder of Epinions Naval Ravikant.

Actually, it is the collection of Naval’s thoughts, opinions, insights which he spread through his various social media sites among 10 years.

How a migrant from India with no special family background goes to New York,  dreams big, struggles for his dream and ultimately fulfils it, is the story of Naval.

His story truly inspired us to hold our willpower to snatch whatever success we wanted in life.

If you are someone, who wants to do something big in life but always steps back by giving an excuse of bad luck or your shortcomings, my suggestion is always read the book and will find life is full of opportunities, you just have to recognise it. 

3. Lean IN Business Book

By Sheryl Sandberg

entrepreneurship best business books

Hello, women entrepreneurs, this book is for you. No, no, it doesn’t mean it’s only for women, the story of billionaire, technologist and author Sheryl Sandberg inspired every person to motivate towards their goals. 

Sherly Sandberg successfully placed herself in Times100, most influential people and she is the founder of leanin.org and she served as the chief operating officer in Facebook 

In this book, she told in detail about how a woman can easily balance both work and personal life, how women can strengthen themselves, how they can contribute equally with a man in the business. 

Sherly told in her book how women also can dream, can run a business or company and become the backbone in her company.

4. Hard Things About Hard Things

By Ben Horowitz

The graph of struggle is not going to be horizontal if you are just able to start a business, the journey from starting a company to running it successfully has many roller coasters.

How to manage the consequences comes as entrepreneurs are vividly discussed in Ben Horowitz’s book Hard Thing About Hard Things.

Ben Horwitz is a renowned entrepreneur in Silicon Valley and his advice is so practical, and numerous that no one can teach you a better way.

Your sacrifices are not ended, once you become an entrepreneur, as the rule of life, a new hurdle comes every day to operate the business but if you can overcome it by taking some small step which is written in the book it will be a great journey.

5. The Psychology of Money

by Morgan Housel

entrepreneurship best business books

Oh, God, what I say about this book, it’s an amazing book written on Money. I can bet you this book will shake your perspective towards money. 

This book teaches you how to behave with money, how to invest money, how to make the right business decision.

It also helps you to improve your personal finance. 

The author gives 19 examples of people and their strange reaction towards money and talks about how to improve their way of thinking of wealth.

The mathematical and database formula of this book clear all your doubts about money.

And you will be able to look at money through a different and positive way.

6. The Millionaire Fastlane (Best Book for entrepreneurs)

By M. J. DeMarco

Current founder of Viperion and ex-founder and CEO of Limos.com share his extraordinary story, how a simple desire by looking at a standing Lamborghini helps him to dream big and become such a successful person. 

He says in his book that you do not need to search for innovations all the time; there are many unique ideas present in the marketplace but lack strategies and management burden them to explore.

So if you can find them and add some true value on those ideas you can easily make it better.

M.J. ‘s story inspired you to find financial freedom and make a debt-free line.

7. The Innovator’s Dilemma

By Clayton M Christensen

entrepreneurship best business books

This book talks about the relationship between customers and salespeople, how a small mistake declines your market and loses your clients by giving a real-world example of some bankrupt company.

The author himself is a great businessman, company leader and business administrator of the world’s best business university The Harvard Business School.

And this book featured as the top 100 business book for startup entrepreneurs.

Not only an entrepreneur, if you are already a company leader I suggest you read the book as it says how you can rescue your business if it faded away due to lack of administration. 

It is a one-stop book from small to a big company founder and also for aspiring entrepreneurs.

8. Startup Opportunities

By Brad Feld and Sean Wise

Thousands of people dream to be an entrepreneur and become an entrepreneur but most of them fail. This book talks about this harsh reality of every aspiring entrepreneur. 

Startup ideas are risky and it tends to fail, and the main reason behind is the idea itself.

You have to update your startup with time, have to add new details on it and recruit up to date co-workers. 

This book is a complete road map for entrepreneurs and company administrators.

9. Good to Great

by Jim Collins

entrepreneurship best business books

Jim Collins, one of the great lecturers and advisers of business management read over 6000 articles and over 2000 interviews of all-time successful businessmen and whatever he inquired about piled up in this incredible book.

So simply reading this book you can learn the insight of those 8000 businessmen.

This book focuses on ‘opportunity’, which is present wherever you look. Also, talk about good relations and rapport with the customer.

The concept of a good company to a great company so practical that the book definitely touches your heart. 

This book compiled a-z about how to turn your small company into a million dollar’s firm. So, entrepreneurs must read it, at least once in your life.

10. The $100 Startup

By Chris Guillebeau

entrepreneurship best business books

Just to pay your bills you don’t need to be a puppet of someone’s you can create your destiny by making your own company.

Author Chirs Guillebeau guides the whole world with his timeless advice to kickstart own start-up to make a living by giving some easy tips and tricks.

He writes how to boost your energy, confidence and overcome self-doubt while working on your startup.

Chris does 50 case studies on entrepreneurs and sums up the results in his book, and when you read the book you can relate their story with you.

If you are an ambitious and independent fellow, this book will be your guide book in every aspect of life.

From my personal experience, this is among the recommended entrepreneurship best business books.

More You Like – Entrepreneurship Best Business Books of 2021

This top listed book of 100 Best business books helps as a one-guide to all entrepreneurs, investors, managers, and CEOs. 

Author guides you to create a business model which will be revamped from time to time so that your business idea will never be backdated.

Author James Aultucher who is the co-founder of more than 20 companies wrote in his book the importance of inner change with the changing of the world to cope up to every day’s transformation.

This book will be your Both professional and personal guidelines to improve yourself. 

This book will teach you how to excel in business without pursuing an MBA degree. 

It is one of the best business books ever and this book will empower your business skills, entrepreneurial mentality, productivity.

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Final Words On Entrepreneurship business books

So this is all about the top 10 entrepreneurship best business books. So grab any of these, read it between the lines, try applying it in real life and thank me later through comments for its benefit. 

All leaders are great readers. 

I know you are busy with your ideas and dreams, but trust me, if you pick any and read them you will never be regarded for it. 

If you have some better suggestions for books which I skipped,  please comment,  I will love to add it to my bucket list.

I am looking forward to your recommendation.

In the end, I wish you great entrepreneurial success and prosperous life. 


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