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If you are wondering, how to start a blog in 2022? then you have come to the right place.

In this article, I have provided a complete beginners guide pf starting a blog in 2022 and how you can start your blog too with simple steps.

Before moving ahead with this article, let’s discuss some common myths that revolve around the mind of beginners.

Myths about starting a blog

1. It is too late to start a blog in 2022.

Do you think like that? If so, please think about it again, because it’s never too late to start a blog.

Blogging is an evergreen revenue-generating source. As the usage and dependency on the Internet are increasing day by day the demand for blogging is also raised simultaneously.

2. Blogging is saturated

Like the first one, it is also a misconception. The potential of blogging increased by the day and never be off-market as the usage of online services rises.

Although nowadays blogging is in the focus light online incomes sources as a result of competition becoming high, if you have a good marketing strategy and high content to deliver you can easily excel in it.

If you are afraid of competition, let me know you – competition is present in every field, even every day thousands of new blogs have started but the fact is only a few of them are your competition.

3. Blogging required high investment to start:

Who says that? No, not. You can even start blogging for free.

And in the case of the paid channel, you only have to pay $3-$5 per month. Is it expensive? I know it’s not. You can buy it by skipping just one weekend outdoors. Isn’t it?

4. To write a blog you have to be Master in English Writing Skills:

No, no. Another myth. Minimum writing skills to express your thoughts and knowledge is enough to write a blog.

And if this statement were true then only native English speaking countries only published blogs.

Not only that it’s not mandatory to write a blog in the English Language only, but you also can write in whatever language you are comfortable with.

In blogging people mostly care about your content, hardly your grammar, writing style or language skills.

And for your kind information, there are several apps present online like Grammarly, By using it you can easily neglect your grammatical mistakes and improve your writing skills if you want.

5. You have to be excellent in technology:

Programming skills like coding, web development, programming languages etc become minimal linking with blogging as now day readymade websites are cheaply available in the market.

Just a basic knowledge of a computer or a zero knowledge of a computer can make you an excellent blogger.

6. Blogging takes a very long time to grow:

Look, not a single good thing happened overnight, all need hard work and time to grow. The same theory applies to blogging also.

Blogging required at least 6months time to rank in search engines. And that implies 6months of hard work without worrying about its small return.

But once you ranked in the search engine you entered the log phase that means exponential growth, both in your popularity and income.

And in these 6 months of your growth time, you can use it to branding your blog.

Mistakes that beginner bloggers make

Before jumping into starting a blog in 2020, there is something to put forward.

Have you got confused about it? Don’t worry, let me clear it.

Mistakes that beginners bloggers make and you should avoid are:

  1. Right Mindset

This is the first step for your success in this online world, and you should take it seriously. 

You have to treat your blog as a startup or business rather than just thinking that it is just a hustle or part-time work.

If you take it lightly, then for sure, after not getting results in a few months, you will get demotivated and leave this blogging path.

You have to invest well and have to work smart rather than doing only hard work. Investment means money, time, connecting like-minded people, etc.

  1. The motive behind starting the blog?

The motive behind starting a blog is also one of the biggest mistakes many bloggers repeat in their initial journey.

They can’t decide why they are starting a blog.

Even if you are stuck with this question, then let me help you in deciding it.

For what you are starting a blog in 2022:

  • Passion: If you have a passion for doing something online and spending on kinds of stuff online. Then it’s the best fit for you.
  • Solely for money: If you are starting a profitable blog exclusively for cash, then you might get suffered.
  • By looking at someone: If you want to start a blog by looking at someone’s earning proof and getting motivated, then it’s dangerous for you if you are not following your passion.
  • Sharing your knowledge with others: If you are good at sharing the knowledge you have with others, then you should start a blog in 2020.

So before starting a blog, you should be clear cut with the right mindset, and you have to be clear with the motive behind starting it.

Otherwise, you will get demotivated after not getting the results as per your expectations and as a result, you will leave it.

Benefits of starting a blog in 2022

Now, let’s discuss the benefits of starting a blog in 2022:

  • Be the boss: Work on your blog or website and make it profitable as you want and scale-up without anything to worry about 9-5 jobs working under someone. 
  • Share your knowledge: Share the knowledge you have expertise in and make your online presence.
  • Get connected to like-minded people: get a chance to connect and work with like-minded people of your niche.
  • Make money online: Apart from all, sharing your knowledge can lead you to make money online, which has lots of potentials.
  • Make yourself as a brand: Make your online presence on different social media and your loyal audience can be the biggest asset for you.

So now I think you got all the points and you are now ready to launch your first online blog.

Let’s dive into it.

Roadmap to start a blog in 2022 – Beginner’s guide

Starting a very good blogging channel needs just 20-30 minutes if you know the process.

So here I provide you with a complete guide How to start a blog? So without much chitchat check it out.

Step 1: Choose your blog niche

how to start a blog

I think you heard about the word “Niche”. So basically it is the topic on which you want to proceed with your writing on your blog.

A particular niche is very important for your growth as a blogger. Your topics defined your channel and your content.

If you choose multiple topics in one blog it will be very haphazard. And it will be difficult for you to find out the target audience. So my recommendation is to find a specific niche to move forward.

Now if you are worried about what will be your niche? Do you have any idea? – every topic on which you can express your thoughts, imagination, knowledge is a niche.

It can be your daily routine to political discussion, anything whatever you like.

So you may ask, how can I find some right niche on which I can work?

So the straightforward answer to you is, pick a pen and paper and note down these things:

  • Your hobbies
  • Your passion
  • Your interest

Passion is necessary because if you love reading novels, and you have a passion for books, then talking about cameras and lenses through blogs will be next to impossible. You have to answer these questions.

  • Are you interested in working on that niche?
  • Can you share the article on that niche?
  • Can you solve other problems with your writing in that niche?

Now you can select 3-4 niches in which you can work based upon your interests, skills and passion.

Your ideal niche is the combination of all these three things.

how to start a blog

Want some examples? Like-

  • Finance niche, like our blog.
  • If you like fashion, glamorous, makeup you can launch a fashion blog.
  • Love cooking and then started a food-cooking blog.
  • Know about Yoga, meditation, workout? Share it in your lifestyle blog.
  • Love to read and write stories then share your book review, own story in the blog.

Let me clarify further about niches by giving some website names.

91mobiles: This website is made specifically for mobiles, and all the articles published on their website are all about mobile phones.

They compare the mobiles, write reviews and provide a top listing of mobiles under the specific price.

Entrepreneur: This website is all about entrepreneurship and business-related. Content here published is targeting finance, startups, business tips and more.

So all content revolves around business and entrepreneurship in short.

Shoutmeloud: This website was started by famous Indian SEO scientist and affiliate marketer Harsh Aggarwal, where he shares the content related to WordPress, SEO, blogging and affiliate marketing.

You can take my example; one of my blogs is in the book niche. And I earn a descents amount by amazon affiliate as well as some paid listings.

And my first income was 515$ from that single website.

So you can see there are millions of options for choosing a niche.

My advice is to choose the topics in which you love to write not because of its monetizing capacity because if you do this you very quickly fade up with your blogging.

Step 2: Choose a domain of your blog

how to start a blog

Your blog name defines your niche. So choose a domain name that goes with your niche.

Once you select your niche and also have some special name of the channel search for its availability.

We prefer to buy a TLDs (Top level domains) like .com, .co, .net etc but you can buy your regional domains also like .in (for india), .us (for USA), .pk (for pakistan)

NOTE: Do try to buy .com or any other top-level domains, if you want to target a global audience from all around the world like the US, UK, Australia, India etc.

Follow these steps in selecting the right domain name for your blog:

  • Easy to remember: you have to take or search for a domain that is easy to remember, and it should be short and straightforward.
  • Use keyword: if you can add a keyword in the domain, then it’s a good practice to the SEO point. e,g contain cat in the domain
  • Get TLDs: as discussed earlier, you have to prefer and get top-level domains only.
  • Exclude numbers and hyphens: Try to get rid of numbers and hyphens in your domain name. This will not be a good practice as per SEO reference

Suggestion: I would suggest you buy hosting from Bluehost and you will get a free domain otherwise you have to pay an extra $10.

If your channel name is available then that case is awesome but if not search for other names.

Step 3: Buy hosting for your blog

how to start a blog

There are several paid hosting present in the marketing but I recommend for your best hosting service.

Here is the step to step guide to build a blog by using

1. Click On the special discount Button above to visit the Bluehost homepage.

start a blog

On the homepage, you will see, “Get Started” button to see plans and pricing.

You can see various types of plans, but for beginners “Basic Plan” is enough and the best part is you can go to any higher plan anytime you want.

start a blog with bluehost

So choose a Basic plan and click Select.

It will take you to the domain page where you have to put your domain name by clicking “Create a new domain

how to start a blog with bluehost

Put your desired domain name and click on Next. If it will be available then it will show available. If not available, then try another name.

Kindly fill in your account information.

Now you will see package information. Under Package extra, uncheck all boxes present except “Domain Privacy + Protection

Provide your card details. You can choose other payment options like PayPal.

And then complete your payment on “Payment Information” and accept the terms and agreements.

At last, press “submit

After all, this step is complete, set a password and login into your account. So your domain and hosting services are active now.

Congratulations! Your blog is set up now.

Step 4: Start a blog by installing WordPress

After purchase, next, you have to do to install WordPress on your blog.

Bluehost will automatically do all your installing of WordPress and necessary setup automatically.

Just Login and click on skip this step. Now WordPress is installed. Just start building.

Step 5: Select Theme for your Blog

start a blog

When you end up with a login by using your password you have to choose a theme for the blog.

You can log in by visiting yourdomain/wp-admin.

Now you have two choices- either you can choose a free template or a paid one.

In free also you can find thousands of attractive themes and they are more than enough for decorating your channel. You find it left in the dashboard by clicking on Appearance >> Theme.

start a blog in 2021

But if you want to give a professional look to your channel you can buy premium themes.

The theme you are seeing on this website is using a premium theme Generatepress theme. After purchase, you can use it on your unlimited sites.

Once you are done with your theme you are on the edge to launch your channel.

Oh, drum roll, your blog is ready. Congratulations!

Step 6: Setup necessary settings

start a wordpress blog

It’s great to know that you have installed WordPress on your site. You might be thinking, what next after installing WordPress? 

So let me guide you with some essential settings to be done after installing WordPress.

  1. General settings 

General settings that include site title, tagline, timezone, favicon etc must be configured. 

Login to WordPress dashboard, and from the left side and navigate to Go to Settings> General option.

Change the site title and tagline as per your niche and it is very important because this will show in google search results.

Scroll further below and set up Timezone, to your local time. Because this will help in scheduling posts as per your preferred time.

After configuring all these settings just hit the save button available below.

  1. Configure permalinks structure

Permalinks refer to the URLs of your post and pages that you will publish after writing content. 

WordPress by default put the permalink structure something like this, which don’t look good at all.

So to make it good looking and search engine friendly, Go to Settings> Permalinks and select Post name format of URL and save changes.

Step 7: Install some important plugins

What is a plugin? –  it is software that provides you with some additional features for your channel.

The plugin is very important to make your blog more professional. So you have to install it if you want to complete every step to start a blog and give a neck to neck competition to other bloggers.

Although the word ‘plugin’ looks very mysterious it is very easy to install, so don’t worry.

Install your plugin by clicking “Plugin >> Add new” on the left menu of the dashboard. And search plugin with name provided below.

Then click on Install and Activate.

  • Rank Math SEO: It will optimise the blog post according to the search algorithm.
  • Akismet Anti Spam: save from spam.
  • Google Analytics Dashboard by Monster Insights: check the traffic in your dashboard.
  • Contact Form 7: build an easy connection form.
  • W3 Total Cache: increase the site speed. The best is WP Rocket which will reduce site speed under 1 sec.
  • Social warfare: provide social media share switches on the page.
  • UpdraftPlus Backup: Give automatic backup.

For setting up help, you can see some youtube tutorials.

Step 8: Create Stunning Content

Your page is completely ready, so now time to write your article. Share your knowledge, story, or information whatever you have to the world.

Write articles in simple words in a friendly manner.

If you are not good at Grammar then you can take the help of Grammarly to proofread and reduce grammatically mistakes.

Instant Grammar Checker - Correct all grammar errors and enhance your writing.

Engage your followers with your content, because only good content is the way to attract people to your post.

Bonus# Ways To Earn from your blog

Let’s discuss different monetisation methods:

1. Adsense or other media networks

In this method, google provides to their publisher a unique way to monetise website visitors where ads will show to the visitors, and if they click on any ads showing, the publisher will get revenue for that.

2. Affiliate marketing

This is my favourite method out of all available techniques. And many pro bloggers earn millions of money through affiliate marketing like Adam Enfroy, Pat Flynn.

If you don’t know about affiliate marketing, then do let me elaborate briefly.

Source: masterblogging

Let’s suppose company A (merchant) has a specific product or service, and they want to make more sales. So they look for a target audience for their products/services. 

Now you will work as an affiliate. If you have some targeted audience coming on your website or blog matches what company A is looking for.

Now here comes the deal. You, as an affiliate, will join the company, and the company will provide you with a unique tracking link.

You will now promote their product/services on your website, and if any visitors buy using your unique tracking link, then the company will pay you a commission as per their rules.

You can clearly understand it from the pictures shown above.

This is what actually affiliate marketing is.

You can join platforms like Shareasale, Clickbank, Jvzoo, Amazon to start your affiliate marketing journey.

3. Sell your course/ebooks

This is what pro bloggers use, and it contributes a lot to their revenue.

If you are good at something and you have already built your brand or authority, then you can sell your course or ebook very easily to your audience.

4. Sponsorship

For one of my blogs, this is the primary source of income. I usually charge between $150-500 per sponsorship post published on my business blog.

For the fun fact, I have monetised my business blog with Adsense, and I didn’t even reach the threshold of $100 but make $515 just by publishing a single sponsorship post.

This is the potential of your authority or brand.

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FAQs on how to start a blog in 2022 – beginner’s guide

Cost depends upon which web hosting you choose, which platform to choose.

If you start with Bluehost then it will cost approx $3 per month. If you choose other hosting like A2 hosting, then it will cost $2.99 per month.

Yes, because internet usage is increasing exponentially and people are searching more and more queries these days.

And even earning potential through affiliate marketing will be high as compared to the year 2020.

If you are looking to start a blog free of cost then you can choose free platforms like,

But let me tell you. Free sites give you nothing. Nither you will earn anything as per your work nor you will learn anything from it.

Because Google doesn’t prioritize these sites in the search queries.

And also as your site is hosted on their platform for free, they can delete your account and ban you whenever they want.

So if you are looking to make passive income from blogging and affiliate marketing then I would recommend you to purchase hosting from Bluehost and you will get a free domain.

Have a god theme installed as mentioned above and start creating stunning content and upscale your business.

Initially try to create good content and then share with your all social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook.

Also, try to answer questions on Quora and paste your article link and pin regularly on Pinterest.

Later on, try to learn Search engine optimization (SEO), keyword research from youtube to rank your articles higher on google queries.

You will learn all this stuff in a very short period of time. make sure you learn every day and implement the same on your blog.

You can start a niche blog on WordPress and as per your niche, there will be lots of potentials to make money from it.

You can make money from ads network like Adsense, You can make passive income using affiliate marting, sponsored posts and publishing your own ebook.

My main source of income is affiliate marketing. And I make passive income through it.

Just look below, how I get paid for promoting a single service and receiving payments in my PayPal account.

Final Words

Hope you have gone through well on how to start a blog in 2022. Now it’s time for action. Don’t hesitate too much, you never regret it by opening a blog.

Guide my recommended path thoroughly to start a blog and write good quality content, you can see the results on your own.

But I want to warn you, keep patients, don’t fade up by just writing 1-2 articles.

Blogging takes time, but if you dedicate yourself to it and follow the smart strategy you will definitely earn thousands of dollars from it.

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